Bai Xue Qiao: The Anti-Japanese Oversea Chinese Fighter from Penang, Malaya

Bai Xue Qiao, who passed away recently in 2014, was one of 4 women from a contingent of 3,200 Overseas Chinese volunteers from Malaya who set sail to China to join the anti-Japanese war in China on 18.05.1939.

These Overseas Chinese volunteers set sail from the Penang port.
At the end of the Chinese Japanese war, 1,000 of them vanished, 1,000 of them stayed back in China and the rest, about 1,200 returned to Malaya.

The Second World War in Malaya from 1941-1945 was a time of darkness and despair – where innocent lives were lost and blood ran freely. The Japanese rule with an iron hand, slaughtering tens of thousands of Chinese citizens. They force young women to work as sex slaves, or ‘comfort women’ and trick others into working on the notorious ‘Death Railway’.

The people of Malaya struggle for survival. When the Japanese surrender in 1945, Malaya plunges into a period of turmoil that brings it to the brink of civil war. But amidst the fire and ruins, sparks of resilience.


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