Small Console Table: Mind Mapping of Content and Keyword Research

This special Mindmeister mind map is targeted on the keyword “Small Console Table” for Decorating small Spaces, a home decor focused site. This niche focused home decorating website is about how to live large in space-constrained small spaces. If you live in urban areas with small studio apartment, small apartment, small houses and small dormitory in urban living, the site Decorating Small Spaces is the ideal site for this purpose.

There are three essential metrics which are important in keyword research to make your site a successful case. The meticulous data and all measurement metrics for the basic content and the keyword research for the keyword “Small Console Table” is charted clearly in the popular Mindmeister mind map. It is important that there are sufficient search volumes from the search engines for the targeted keywords Small Console Table. The relative competitive strength of the search terms for the keywords Small Console Table is shown in the Mindmeister mind map.


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