Interior Design Weekly News Roundup from Decorating Small Spaces Website

The Kushlans nail the art of small space living: 750 square feet in a Kalorama co-op
The Kushlans’ renovation of their 750-square-foot home unified the three rooms with white walls and new espresso wood floors. They carefully layered in a few bold patterns and colors, framed maps of places they loved and pulled in furniture they’ve reclaimed and repurposed.

Putting the big in small spaces
Get the innovative tips on how to use oversize furniture in small spaces just like how Coco Chanel used it in her famous apartment in Paris. The secret is in proportion and simplicity. Think of the smaller rooms as one-man nesting place and you get the amazing results.

Divide a room chicly with screens, bookshelves or curtains
There are many good ideas on how to divide a room into two for privacy or breaking up of a large space. You can use folding screen, curtains, netting, bookcases and plants

Small space ideas from a design expert Libby Langdon
Libby Langdon is a New York-based design


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