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Why Kids Love Winnie the Pooh

When looking for a fun, classic, timeless theme for your next kids party, consider Winnie the Pooh. Kids love Pooh Bear and the gang from 100 Acres Wood. Generation after generation has fallen in love with the golden bear with his insatiable craving for honey crafted by the pen of A. A. Milne.

It’s easy to see why kids love Winnie the Pooh…

  • The characters are well-written, three dimensional, and identifiable. They’re all so loveable and huggable and have their own unique personalities.

  • The world of 100 Acres Wood is completely non-threatening. Everyone lives in peace and harmony and are respectful of each other.

  • The cast of characters are fun and happy and make you happy.

  • Pooh and friends are such children themselves. Their naivety is charming and it adds depth to their friendships and camaraderie.


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