The Branding and Design of Imageli: Visual Web Marketing. Design 2

The first round of branding and design works for my new Imageli website has been completed. I am quite pleased with the fast-pace of the first attempt with satisfactory results.

With this completion, I am able to begin working on my website with the graphics ready. I added Facebook Page, Pinterest Profile and Youtube Channel for Imageli. All the graphics become very handy to quickly set up all these sites.

After looking at the designs, I feel that I could improve them further. I am feeling very pleased with the Thesis WordPress Theme with the Pearsonified Skin that I am using for this site with so many flexible options.

I can used all different website headers for any of the pages or posts. I could use a full page format like this post when I need the full width of the site to show design works.

Therefore I like to explore more designs for the website headers.Now I want to explore using more black colours for the website headers.The second designs are illustrated here.


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