iQin Facebook Page: Publishing, eCommerce and Internet Marketing

iQin: Publishing, eCommerce and Internet Marketing
iQin is Giap headquarter; it’s the brand name, that encompasses all my internet businesses.
My focus is on Publishing, eCommerce and Internet Marketing.
My current brands are Qin Chinese, Loving Spaces, Imageli, Pinterest Mastery and UniSuccess. Site:

I registered my new domain for iQin as on 16.04.2014 and on the next day I added a new Facebook Page for iQin.

The branding and design works of this new domain iQin was done simultaneously so that this new website, Facebook Page and Pinterest Profile can use the same designs from the iQin branding and design works. The iQin Pinterest Profile was added on 21.04.14.

I posted my new Facebook page to a self help community Facebook Group Get Me 25. This is a Facebook self help group to help each other to get their first 25 likes fast so that they can qualify to claim a unique username for their Facebook Page.


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