The Melody of The Great Compassion Mantra: Meditation for Compassion and Peace

How peaceful and blissful To Contemplate in This land of Soothing Melody.
Beautiful clarion and bright timbre, vivid, brisk rhythms, ethereal wandering streams, simple gaiety.

The mantra is recited to purify one’s negative emotions; to ease the suffering for all beings and even to protect us from negative influences and illnesses.

Perhaps the most beneficial of all results in that reciting the Mani Mantra increases compassion for ourselves and for others.

“Human beings have always aspired to endless life and experiencing permanent good fortune.

The focus of these three mantras then is on praying for eternal life, repenting evil Karmic deeds and elimination all illness.

These mantras reflect the mutual bonding of sentient beings and Bodhisattvas and so through Imme Ooi’s luminously breathtaking voice, we wish to deliver hope, connecting to the inner soul of all beings.”

The mind is everything. What you think you become. — Buddha –
All life is an experiment. The more


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